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Get the Nevada Corporate Veil Guarantee!

Corporate Service Center, Inc. is proud to offer ”The $100,000 Nevada Corporate Veil Guarantee”* at no additional charge when any Nevada Corporation or Nevada Limited Liability Company is formed.

Corporate Service Center, Inc. is the only incorporator in America that offers a $100,000 guarantee! We can do it because we know that Nevada’s corporate veil protection is stronger than any other state! Simply by following the step by step $100,000 Guarantee Checklist provided in your corporate kit and maintaining Corporate Service Center, Inc. as your registered agent, you qualify!

If your corporation is sued and corporate veil of a corporation we formed is pierced, resulting in your personal liability, Corporate Service Center, Inc. will reimburse your legal defense fees up to $100,000!

As you probably already know, the corporate veil separates your business activity from your personal assets. This veil is critical in ensuring your personal assets are not at risk in the event of a frivolous business lawsuit. When you choose Corporate Service Center, Inc. as your Nevada incorporator, and you follow the simple checklist, you can rest easy knowing that your personal assets, money, home and even your retirement are safe.

For more information, check out the terms of the guarantee.