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Corporate Service Center, Inc. is different from other incorporation companies. From the first time you speak with one of our experienced consultants, you will realize our commitment to meeting your needs and providing value for your business. We work with you to find a solution that suits your unique needs. We can help you form a business entity in any state. We want to help you accomplish your goals!

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Since 1989, we have developed a nationwide reputation for assisting entrepreneurs, large corporations and licensed professionals with all their Nevada LLC and Nevada corporation filing needs. CSvC, Inc. helps many prominent law firms, CPAs and financial planners from around the country who put their trust in us incorporate in Nevada and properly implement Nevada corporate strategies and solutions for their clients.

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We offer a full range of services not offered by most Nevada incorporation firms – including small business tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, estate planning for business owners, Nevada office services, compliance packages: everything you need to make your Nevada corporation or LLC a successfully operating business.

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We find the greatest value, fulfillment and meaning through the service of others. We insist on providing service to our clients that is of exceptional quality and long term value. We realize our personal and professional potential by focusing our efforts and attention on what we can do to help those around.


We deliver a measurable return for the company as a result of our effort, efficiency and productivity. We recognize that we are working in a competitive, capitalistic environment as part of a high-performance team.


We take ownership for both our actions and the consequences they create, being equally accountable for our effort and our results. We recognize that the most effective way for us to make a difference is to embrace change in ourselves.


We recognize, appreciate and value the humanity in others whose concerns, challenges, and perspectives are as important as our own. We treat others, regardless of their position or standing, with the same esteem and honor that we seek for ourselves.


We promise only what we can deliver, honor agreements and keep promises with ourselves and others. We communicate proactively and address issues immediately if agreements or promises are broken.

“CSC Tax was a part of turnkey operation included in corporate set-up services I selected. The staff made the complexity of bookkeeping and financial reporting simple, straightforward and understandable.”

J. Thomas

“My representative patiently explained things in a language I could understand. I enjoyed the easy access. I’m able to budget the expense by using the flat fee.”

A. Reed

“This is the kind of help we are looking for. Thank you very much.”

Larry G.

“Thanks for your follow-up this morning and all the step-by-step assistance that you did. It really make a huge difference.”

Joshua T.

“Thanks so much for helping Lori out today! As you could clearly see, she’s a bit frazzled to say the least. You and I will also speak together soon. Take care!”

Anthony C.

“Our friends told us to call and trust you. We know that they are GOLDEN, so we listen to them – big time! And, the experience was fabulous! Kim and I are thrilled to add you to our team of professionals and look forward to meeting you in early August. Thanks for living up to your reputation!”

Michael A.

“I know you had to jump through some hoops and your assistance is really appreciated. Thanks!”

Olivia M.

“Just FYI, I wanted you to know that in all the years since my incorporation and dealings, you are the nicest and most professional person I have come in contact with. Thanks again for your help.”

Ray R.

“Ongoing support of my affiliate account allowing me to show people the benefit of Incorporating in Nevada.”

Christopher W.

“My Consultant took the extra time and care, to provide me with best services possible in my new venture.”

Michael F.

“My Consultant has extended unexpected amounts of help on more than one occasion regarding general and specific questions pertaining to our corporations. He has always made me feel very comfortable about asking as many questions as I needed to gain accurate knowledge on certain subjects. Because he has helped me on so many occasions for extended amounts of time, I have been able to quickly put into action the tasks I previously knew very little about. Many, many thanks for all of his outsanding help!!”

Jennifer B.

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that your team has exceeded my expectations. I’m having a hard time trying to keep up, but that’s a great thing, and something I seldom experience in a business relationship. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!”

Dean D.

“My representative is a great and knowledgeable consultant. I feel like my corporations and LLC’s are in good trustworthy hands. I was so unsure about incorporating in Nevada but this really worked out.”

Rhonda M.

“I am so happy I went with the tax preparation and bookkeeping service we spoke about last year. My books have never been better and I think I saved enough money to go on a nice vacation…finally!”

Michael S.

“I would like to take this time to recognize the outstanding effort put forth by your customer service team. I recently experienced the rather unfortunate experience of employing another registered agent to assist me with my business organization. Needless to say, It was an unfortunate series of events. Both of these individuals took time to assist me in correcting the problems created by one of your competitors. They did so with a great deal of enthusiasm and care. My sincere thanks!”

Barney V.

“Now that’s what I call a lightening fast response!!! Thank you for setting my mind at ease. I will have the signed e-file forms for the personal returns faxed to you by days end and will let you know by email that the fax is on its way.”


“Thanks for taking me through the office. I was impressed with the size and professionalism of your staff. Wow!”

Barry W.

“Thanks so much for all of your help.  You really know what you are doing there!  If you were working for me, I would be giving you a real nice raise.  Good people are so hard to find.”

Lawrence P.

“Thanks for all of your help with my company’s business matters.  You help contribute to our success.”

Tonda T.

“You are the best and most knowledgeable coach because you can quickly and efficiently give guidance about corporate issues and make complicated matters so simple to handle. I appreciate your willingness to do additional research, i.e., Nevada versus Texas bank accounts – and the fact that you offer options. Thank You!”

Segulayah A.