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Understanding general non-profit activity

The formal process of incorporation separates the officers and directors from personal liability. In today’s litigious society, even non-profits are targets for lawsuits. By incorporating, officers and directors can protect personal assets from lawsuits.

Nevada is recognized as offering the best asset protection and insulation from lawsuits.

Part of the process will include registration in your home state.

Yes. In fact, there are many different types of charitable entities. Public charities, private foundations, support organizations and charitable trusts are a few of the general categories. Additionally, under IRS section code 501, there are subsets including exemptions for civic groups, chambers of commerce, domestic fraternal societies, credit unions, social and recreational clubs and religious organizations.

Our team of experienced advisors will consult with you to determine the best structure for your organization. We work with attorneys and CPAs to develop a structure to help you meet your goals.

A free consultation with one of our consultants will determine the correct structure and domicile for your organization. Corporate Service Center, Inc. will file the Articles of Incorporation and provide a record book with all of the supporting documents. If necessary, we will also complete the documentation to register your corporation in your home state.

Yes. However, it is important to check your state statutes regarding charitable solicitation. If your non-profit corporation is Nevada-based, we will complete the required fund raising registration.

No. Tax-exempt status must come from the IRS and in some cases, also approved by your home state. Federal law allows 16 months to apply for tax-exempt status from the time you start your charitable activities.

We will assist you on completing your application for tax-exempt status. Our experts will complete the 1023 application, and any additional schedules that are required. The most common schedules are: Schedule A / Churches, Schedule B / Schools, Schedule F / Homes for the Elderly and Disabled, Schedule G / Child Care, Schedule H / Student Aid and Scholarship Organizations.

In most cases, we can complete your application within 10 days of receipt of your information. The IRS response time varies greatly, and may take several months.

The completed application will be submitted to the IRS for approval. In almost every case, the IRS will respond with a letter requesting additional information.

Yes. We do everything in our power to complete your non-profit and obtain a positive letter of determination. If your response is a matter of accounting or law, a CPA or Attorney will draft the response on your behalf.

The majority of our clients receive a letter of determination within 120 days of the date of Incorporation. Of course, this time frame can vary based on the complexity of the organization, the completeness of your information and the workload of the IRS.

Our team can assist you throughout the life of your organization. In addition to consultation on the formalities of the corporation, our CPAs can provide bookkeeping services, and tax return preparation.

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