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Not Sure What To Do With Legal Concerns?

The IRS estimates that 80% of business owners overpay their taxes each year.  This can be due to improper bookkeeping or missed tax savings opportunities.  Corporate Service Center’s tax professionals can help you keep more of your hard earned money, while ensuring that your business is both compliant with IRS deadlines and maximizing deductions.  The IRS requires ALL CORPORATIONS to file an annual tax return, even if there is NO BUSINESS ACTIVITY.  This will help you avoid typical penalties and interest associated with filing a late tax return.

Corporate Service Center’s tax professionals can help you with tax planning, tax preparation, audits, and resolving tax problems.

Corporate Service Center’s CPAs and tax professionals know small businesses and are experts in the application of tax law for Nevada businesses. They work together with our senior consulting team to ensure your corporate structuring is perfectly aligned to take advantage of tax minimization strategies. Legal counsel is available to consult in complex cases.

Corporate Service Center focuses on helping you minimize your federal and state income tax exposure. We specialize in preparing tax returns for Nevada corporations and limited liability companies owned by non-Nevada residents.

The tax environment is constantly changing and increasingly complex. Corporate Service Center offers complete strategic tax planning services to help you take advantage of Nevada’s business-friendly tax laws and the full range of business structures. A Corporate Service Center tax consultant will work with you throughout the year, helping you keep up with the information you need to know.

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