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Why use a Family Security Trust?

One of the secret weapons of the wealthy is the use of trusts established to benefit family members. The most powerful are irrevocable trusts in which the ‘grantor’ (founder) is neither the ‘trustee’ (administrator) nor the beneficiary. As a result, such trusts are deemed to be outside the estate; thus, neither the ownership of assets held within the trust nor the income earned by the trust is subject to attribution to the trust’s grantor.

Don’t let the term irrevocable scare you. A trust can be one of the most flexible ways to hold property. However, there are trade-offs and you can use a combination of both revocable and irrevocable trusts along with various funding strategies to maximize a tax-advantaged, judgment-proof and divorce-proof outcome. In many cases certain kinds of trusts (especially when combined with other forms of asset protection as well as insurance and retirement planning) can be very effective indeed. One of these tools is the use of an Irrevocable Family Security Trust.

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