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The Nevada Corporate Office Package assures that your corporation will stand up to scrutiny.

The cost in time and money, as well as the logistics of personally establishing and maintaining your own corporate office in Nevada can be prohibitive.  Consider the payroll, rent, insurance, utilities, and taxes!  That’s why we offer an affordable and effective alternative.

Our Office Package provides your company with the ultimate virtual office, and the ultimate insurance that your Nevada business has a bona fide presence in the state.  It makes your company a legitimate operation in a state tax-free jurisdiction. We give your company a complete, fully-staffed Nevada headquarters office.  This office gives your company a functional, defensible nexus in Nevada, and is an important part of many corporate strategies to minimize state taxes and maximize your protection.

Our Office Management Contract is not just for appearances. It is designed to be used.  We can handle your corporate messaging and communications, and give you greater flexibility in running the business of your corporation.  We provide all the services that would be expected of any other Nevada based business, along with any troubleshooting that is required to keep your corporate office running smoothly.

Office Package Features:

  • Your own corporate telephone number, with directory listing (telephone installation fee and monthly  billing extra)
  • Telephone answering by a corporate receptionist, with voicemails provided instantly via email
  •  Fax receipt and forwarding
  •  Three conference rooms available for your needs, by appointment
  • Your corporate mail room, with postal, courier, package, and light freight forwarding
  • A corporate Office Manager
  • Business license assistance with state and local governments
  •  Registered Agent Service

Key Benefits:

  • The Office Package Contract meets the legal criteria for making your company a viable, operating Nevada business
  • You have a functional business base of operations in your state of incorporation
  • Eliminate state taxes through interstate commerce

If you would like to know more about our Corporate Office Package,
contact us at 1-866-411-2002